The Witches

Based on the book by Roald Dahl, adapted by David Wood
By special arrangement with Dominie Pty Ltd

Season 8-16 July 2005
Venue Courtyard Studio, Canberra Theatre Centre


A gruesome gaggle of witches is fiendishly plotting to get rid of all the children in England. These malevolent mischief-makers plan to take over the sweet shops, poison the children with chocolate and transform them into mice.

Join our hero/heroine and his/her grandmother as they take on these horrible harridans and face the most repulsive, terrifying and powerful villain of them all – the Grand High Witch herself.

Will the witches triumph? Are the children of England doomed? Roald Dahl’s award-winning tale has all the answers. If you adored the book, loved the film, then you will scream with delight when you see this Roald Dahl classic live on stage.

In the two casts performing this play in July one cast has Boy and his Grandmother, while the second cast has Girl and her Grandmother doing their best to beat the Witches.


Director Belinda Anyos
Assistant Director Brandon Girvan
Stage Manager/Sound Ryan d’Argeavel
Production Assistant Rosemary Synnott & Kathy Thomas
Costume Design/Make-up DESIGN Rosemary Synnott



Grand High Witch Belinda Anyos  
Grand High Witch Understudy Brandon Girvan  
Boy Max Bittisnich Set
Boy Understudy Liam Hutchison Publicity
Grandmother Sarah “Stripes” Thomson Stage Manager
Bruno Owen Hutchison Props
Bruno Understudy Jarred Synnott Publicity
Mrs Jenkins Madison Sloane Costumes / Makeup
Mr Jenkins Liam Jennings Set
Tree House Witch Heather Kirk-Harkin Props
Lawyer/Waiter/Witch Thomas Mackenzie Sound/SFX
Nurse/Witch/Maid Sophie Herring Sound/SFX
Sailor/Head Chef Nisha Phillips Lighting
Sailor/Second Chef Simone Ellacott Sound/SFX
Doorman/Waiter/Violinist Jarred Synnott Publicity
Doorman/Waiter/Violinist Understudy Owen Hutchison Props
Head Waiter Liam Hutchison Publicity
Head WaiterR Understudy Max Bittisnich Set
Witch #1 Hannah Coleman Sound/SFX
Display Witch Alice Bittisnich Publicity
Mildred Witch/Frog Cassandra Cullen Set
Mildred's Friend/Frog Grace Fursdon Assistant Stage Manager
Bellboy/Witch #2/Frog Georgia Sloane Set


Grand High Witch Belinda Anyos  
Grand High Witch Understudy Brandon Girvan  
'Boy' Harriet Davies Publicity
'Boy' Understudy Bridget Hutchison Costumes/Makeup
Grandmother Ali Van De Zwan Costumes/Makeup
Brunhilda Madeleine Ellacott Sound
Brunhilda Understudy Jane Bailey Set
Mrs Jenkins Zoe Hinge Costumes/Makeup
Mr Jenkins Liam Wilson Stage Manager
Tree House Witch Jayne Bailey Set
Tree House Witch Understudy Madeleine Ellacott Sound/SFX
Lawyer/Waiter/Witch Nicky Anyos Lighting
Nurse/Witch/Maid Bridget Hutchison Costumes/Makeup
urse/Witch/Maid Understudy Harriet Davies Publicity
Sailor/Head Chef Alex Wilson Sound
Sailor/Second Chef Nyasha Nyakuengama Publicity
Doorman/Witch Freya Pilcher Lighting
Head Waiter Liam Hutchison Publicity
Head Waiter Understudy Max Bittisnich Set
Waiter/Violinist Jarred Synnott  
Witch #1 Kiarna Kavanagh-Beck Sound/SFX
Display Witch Jacquie Coleman Assistant Stage Manager
Mildred Witch/Frog Kaitlin Mountford Sound/SFX
Mildred's Friend/Witch/Frog Eve Millington Lighting
Doctor/Witch Georgina Nolan Costumes/Makeup
Bellboy/Witch #2/Frog Justine Ramsay Lighting


Canberra Area Theatre AwardNominations

Best School/Youth Play