Wind in the Willows

Wind in the Willows

By Kenneth Graham

Season 14-30 January 1999
Venue Belconnen Theatre


Director Jeffrey Sim
Assistant Director Leith Manley
Musical Director Lauren Mercovich
Assistant Musical Director Jenny Kingwell
Choreographer Juliet Sera
Assistant Choreographer Renee Kirkham
Stage Manager Euan Bowen
Assistant Stage Manager Ben Pik
Set Design Euan Bowen, Suzy Styles, Mark Ashcroft
Costume Design Margaret Prideaux
Lighting Design David Cannell
Sound Design Andrew Miles
Production Manager Alex Hildyard
Make Up Deborah Chorltan
Lighting Operator Ben Wright
Set Design Eun Bowen, Suzy Styles, Mark Ashcroft
Crew Suzy Styles, Mark Ashcroft, Tim Dingwell, Andrew Gault, Miki O’Brien, Sam Ogborn, Eve Everard
Toad Robert Beaumont
Mole Katrina Chagall
Ratty Rob Macaulay
Badger Andrew Clucas
Clerk of the Court David Cannell
Constable Rodwell Faulkner
Enid Alira Prideaux
Bargewoman Eliane-Marie Prideaux
Chief Weasel Conrad Farrell
Judge/Butler Peter Rodda
Fieldmice Jordan Prosser, Bridget Chappell, Tallay Wickham, Julian Kennard, Adele Moleta, Melanie Kirkham
Chorus Lyndell Ewin, Nicole Hardy, Charmaine Horvath, Jennifer Hurnell, Renee Kirkham, Brendan Marrett, Melanie Portelli, George Pulakis, Elisha Richards, Erin Welsh


David is lighting designer. So when a gel fell from a light mid-performance he was naturally distressed. He made sure that the whole audience saw that the gel had fallen by over-acting. Naturally upstaged the actors who were desperately trying to keep a straight face - David Cannell


Canberra Area Theatre AwardsReceived

Best Costumes Margaret Prideaux

Canberra Area Theatre AwardsNominations

Best Actor in a Musical Robert Beaumont
Magic Moment David Cannell’s appearance as the Horse
Technical - for makeup Deborah Charlton