Take 3

Take 3

Season 11-20 August 1994
Venue Belconnen Theatre


Director (The Proposal) Les Menezes
Director (Dinner with Charles) Pamela McManus
Director (Burglar Alarm) Richard Niven
Director Assisted By (Burglar Alarm) Barbara Denham-O'Brien
Production Manager Pamela McManus
Stage Manager Berin Denham
Assistant Stage Manager Simon Stone
Set Design James Stone
Lighting/Sound Design Toby Stow

The Proposal

A version by Alfred Emmett of the play by Anton Chekhov


Stepanovich Tchbukov James Stone
Ivan Vassilyevich Lomov Peter Benisch
Natalya Stepanovna Sheena Smith

Dinner With Charles


Rachel Landis comes back to visit her family after being away for fifteen years, and her family takes the opportunity to have a formal dinner. Her father, a wealthy ball bearing heir, plans to have himself knocked off to go into an early cryogenic state. Her mother is independently planning to have her father eliminated for his infidelity, and her brother is helping in a plot to murder her father for business reasons. The cab driver is mistaken for her husband, and even the hit men join the family for dinner.


Mrs Lane Anne Beard
Janet Spender Tiffany Rudd
Mrs Spender Pamela McManus
Olivia (Mrs Charles) Spender Kelda McManus

Burglar Alarm

By Ian Hoy


Betty Kate Tricks
Felix Jeffery Sim
Angela Shelly Smith
Thomas Phillip Russell
Irene Melissa Akenfelds
George David Brimmer