Scrooge The Musical

Scrooge The Musical

By Leslie Bricusse, based on the story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
By arrangement with Dominie

Season 17 January-1 February 2003
Venue Belconnen Theatre


"Bah! Humbug," growls Ebenezer Scrooge to anyone misfortunate enough to wish him a Merry Christmas. This wealthy, jaded miser has no time in his life for anything but making money. When he finally lets his employee, Bob Cratchit, have Christmas Day off, he does it with a sneer and a warning to come in extra early the day after to make up the lost time.

Each Christmas Eve, Scrooge trudges home, shrugging off the sights and sounds of the season's joy.

But this Christmas Eve is different, for not long into the night, Scrooge receives a visit from his old friend and partner, Jacob Marley. Marley has been dead for seven years, and the afterlife has not agreed with him at all. He warns Scrooge that he needs to mend his ways or face an eternity of torment. Marley also warns Scrooge that three more ghostly visitors will come. The Ghosts arrive and show Scrooge his life and the lives of other people he knows: his youthful sweetheart Isabel, his employee Bob Cratchit and the home of his young nephew. Scrooge also sees what will come if he does not change his ways.

Scrooge comes to realise what he has missed in his single-minded search for wealth and on Christmas morning, Scrooge wakes, vowing to start a new life.


Director John Alsford
Assistant Director Bob Morris
Musical Director Graham Magarry
Assistant Musical Director/Sequencer Susan Davenport
Choreographer Belinda Hassal
Stage Manager/Production Manager Bob Morris
Assistant Stage Manager Nick Brightman
Set Design Bob Morris, John Alsford, Paul Tremble, Nick Leon, Sebastian Nicholas
Costume Design Elaine Teran, Annette Leon
Lighting/Sound Design Justin Watson
Production Manager Kathy Thomas
Props Nick Leon
Special Effects Chris Vevers
Crew Anita Davenport, Alex Rogers, Andrew Topperwein, Paul Tremble, Michael Littie, Paul Fleming, Katrina Chagall


Scrooge Graham Bauerle
Jacob Marley Oliver Baudert
Nephew/Young Scrooge Gary Collinson
Isabel/Helen Joanne Owen
Bob Cratchit Frank Farrell
Mrs Cratchit/Mrs Pringle Glynnis Moran
Kathy Cratchit Annie Paterson
Tiny Tim Yarran Regan
Ghost of Christmas Past Kirsten Mann
Ghost of Christmas Present/Mr Fezziwig Jethro Robinson
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come/Wine Merchant Lincoln Daw
Mrs Fezziwig Melita Aguis
Tom Jenkins Conrad Farrell
Punch and Judy/Dick Wilkins/Topper Rodwell Faulkner
Mrs Dilber Sandra d'Argeavel
Miss Dilber Sarah McLaren
Jocelyn Jollygood Andrew Clucas
Bissett the Butcher Tony Guyot
Hugo Hearty Tony Retter
Mary Jackie Collinson
Miss Carstairs Rebecca Bowyer
Beggar Woman Caroline Hogan
Miss Pringle Nicole Karman
Martha Cratchit Lidia Samcewicz-Parham
Young Jen/Urchin Kirsty Stewart
Bess Sarah Tremble
Peter Cratchit/Young Ebby/Urchin James Wookey
Children's Chorus Oliver Bailey, Nathan Leach, Katrina Nolan, Kirsty Stewart, Elena Vevers, James Wookey


Keyboard operation and Conductor Graham Magarry
Electronic Musical Sequencing Susan Davenport


Scrooge's second performance had to be stopped at intermission and that evening's performance cancelled owing to the infamous bushfires and firestorm of 18 January 2003 that demolished part of South Canberra