Salad Days

Salad Days

By Reynolds and Slade
By arrangement with Dominie Pty Ltd

Season 7-25 August 1990
Venue Canberra Labor Club


Salad Days, first performed in London in 1954, is a light-hearted musical, full of catchy tunes and ridiculous dialogue. It takes a wry look at the English upper classes. The story centres around Jane and Timothy, two young people just down from University and both have problems with their parents. Jane's mother, Lady Raeburn, thinks a 'good marriage' is everything, whilst Timothy's more solidly middle class family want to find him a job. Both problems are resolved in orthodox ways.

Other characters include Timothy's strange assortment of uncles, Jane's tiresome friends, a policeman, various working class 'solid folk', some foreign office incompetents, a nightclub owner and of course a rather strange piano.


Co-Directors Celine Taylor and Amy Sawers
Musical Director Joan Richards
Choreographer Amy Sawers
Stage Manager Leah Hunt
Assistant Stage Manager Paula Small
Costume Design Glenys Boswarva, Judith Duffy, Jaala Baxter, Vanessa Hogg
Lighting Design Chris Hunt, Stephen Crossley
Sound Design Chris Hunt, Bruce Whaling


The Tramp Norm Petering
Jane Hilary Taylor
Timothy Greg Peek
Timothy's Mother Pamela McManus
Timothy's Father Jim Jones
Aunt Prue Celine Taylor
Lady Raeburn Pam Kelly
Heloise Anne Beard
Augstine Williams Jim Jones
Asphynxia Rina Lucchesi
Ambrose Michael Thomas
Marguerite Siobh'an Boyldew
Anthea Jaala Baxter
Electrode Vanessa Hogg
Uncle Ted Graham Bauerle
Assistant Jaala Baxter
Manicurist Deborah Ayres/Siobh'an Bolydew
P.C. Boot Philip Russell
Rowena Shelly French
Nuns Julia Mayer, Kate Tricks
Troppo Steve Thatcher
Sir Clambsy Williams Jim Jones
Fosdyke Mick Cahill
Inspector Graham Bauerle
Nigel Glen Toohey
Manager Graham Bauerle
Fiona Deborah Woodyard
Tom Smith Mark Drury
Waitress Kate Tricks
Chorus Deborah Ayres, Graham Bauerle, Jaala Baxter, Anne Beard, Elieen Boyldew, Mick Cahill, Mark Drury, Judith Duffy, Shelly French, Vanessa Hogg, Jim Jones, Pam Kelly, Rina Lucchesi, Julia Mayer, Pamela McManus, Philip Russell, Celine Taylor, Steve Thatcher, Michael Thomas, Glen Toohey, Kate Tricks, Deborah Woodyard


Piano Joan Richards


The Labor Club had only a stage, but not the added comforts of a dressing room. Performers had to change offstage in an multi-sex change-room or out in the caravan in the car park if they had the time - Pam Kelly