Two One-Act Plays

Two One-Act Plays

Season 16-25 September 1993
Venue Belconnen Theatre


Director (Merry Regiment) Janine O'Dwyer
Direcotr (Cup Final) Eileen Boyldew
Stage Manager Katrina Cullen
Set Design and Construction Chris Boyldew, Cast and Crew
Wardrobe Mistress Valerie O'Dwyer
Lighting Design Mark Hawes, Stuart Jones

Merry Regiment of Women

By Rae Shirley

See Shakespeare's characters in a different light


Lady MacBeth Pam Kelly
Desdemona Tiffany Rudd
Juliet's Nurse Anne Beard
Cleopatra Tina Manazes
Juliet Louise Beard
Henry V Michael Allen
Romeo Jeffrey Sim
Kate the Shrew Kelda McManus
Petruchio George Huitker

Cup Final

By Charles Mander

The funny side of amateur theatre


Sharon Allana Scott-Palframan
Joe Bruce Reid
Martin Peter Benisch
Janice Shelly French
Raymond Philip Russell
Adjudicator Richard Niven
Mrs Bland Chris Cullen


Juliet was happily chatting to someone in the dressing room unaware that she was needed on stage. Everyone on stage was ad-libbing 'Juliet!' 'Juliet, Where are you?' as Romeo (supposedly dead at this point) rolled under the table, squeezed under the cyclorama and ran out to the dressing room to retrieve her - Pam Kelly