By Lionel Bart
By arrangement with Tams-Whitmark Library

Season 3-18 May 1996
Venue Belconnen Theatre


The tale begins as the boys file to the table singing Food Glorious Food. Widow Corney, who runs the workhouse, and Mr. Bumble, the parish beadle, enter and the boys are served their gruel. Oliver, alone and courageous, takes his bowl to Bumble and pleads 'Please Sir, I want some more.' Bumble is outraged. Oliver must go, so he hawks Oliver through the streets of London singing Boy For Sale.

Oliver is sold to Mr. Sowerberry, the undertaker. Alone, plaintive and surrounded by coffins, Oliver sings Where is Love? He runs away and meets Artful Dodger who sings Consider Yourself. Oliver is taken to the hideout to meet Fagin who welcomes him with the fantastic You Got to Pick a Pocket or Two. Nancy (Bill Sykes' girl) and Bet arrive and sing It's a Fine Life. The next day Oliver goes with the boys and is arrested by the police, not for picking pockets, but simply for looking guilty.

In Act two, the curtain rises on an underworld tavern where Nancy is being encouraged to sing a music hall number, Oom-Pah-Pah. Fagin's boys report that Oliver has been apprehended by the police, but that he was found innocent and is in the care of a wealthy gentleman. Fagin and Sykes dispatch Nancy to retrieve Oliver. Meanwhile, Oliver is quite happy in his new surroundings and sings Who Will Buy? from his window.

Unfortunately, the moment Oliver steps outside, he is snatched by Nancy and returned to Fagin's. Fagin sings Reviewing the Situation and considers going straight. Bumble and Mrs. Corney, newly married, discover that Oliver is the son of a rich family and try to get him back. A regretful Nancy plans to return Oliver to his benefactor. She is fearful of Sykes, yet sings As Long as He Needs Me. Sykes stalks and kills her. He grabs Oliver and after a chase, is shot dead. Oliver is restored to his benefactor who, it turns out, is his own grandfather. Fagin, now without the boys, home or money, reprises Reviewing the Situation.


Director Sue Belsham
Musical Director Paul Belsham
Assistant Musical Director Leisa Keen
Choroegrapher Deborah Beck
Assistant Choreographer Natalie Antoine
Production Manager Roger Tindale
Stage Manager Geoff Brown
Assistant Stage Manager Peter Harding
Set Design Nicole O'Rourke
Costume Design Margaret Prideaux
Lighting Design David Cannell


Oliver Twist Kristian Risti
Mr Bumble Robert Beaumont
Widow Corney Pamela McManus
Mr Sowerberry Robert Macauly
Mrs Sowerberry Barbara Denham
Charlotte Belinda Sewell
Noah Claypole Conrad Farrell
The Artful Dodger Taimus Werner-Gibbings
Fagin Michael Burgess
Charlie Bates Rhys Holden
Nancy Sue Lake-Harris
Bet Anna Battese
Mr Brownlow Graham Bauerle
Bill Sykes Peter Brady
Mrs Bedwin Pamela Kelly
Old Sally Kelda McManus
Old Annie Barbara Sekuless
Workhouse Boys and Fagin's Gang Stephen Bell, Stephen Carberry, Jayden Cooke, Clem Daw, Lincoln Daw, Rhys Holden, Finnian Lattimore, Ross Newton, Stuart Newton, David Ogilvie, Charlie Sanders, Rohan Sforcina, Andrew Symonds, Jonathon Symonds, David Tychsen-Smith, Cameron Woolcock
Female Chorus Kirsten Burch, Sara Carvalho, Renee Denham, Sally Kite, Juliet Lautenbach, Kelda McManus, Cecily Oakley, Melanie Portelli, Alira Prideaux, Alissa Pugh, Barbara Sekuless, Libby Warren
Male Chorus Mick Bower, Andrew Clucas, Rodwell Faulkner, Lincoln Kealy, Richard Mander, Kevin Playford, Will Sanders, Michael Thomas
Little Girls Jessica Cooke, Shelly Sforcina, Tallay Wickham


Canberra Area Theatre AwardsNominations

Best Supporting Actress in a Musical Barbara Denham