By Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II
By arrangement with Warner Chappell

Season 13-29 May 1993
Venue Belconnen Theatre


The show opens on a beautiful morning where a cowboy, Curly, wanders on stage until he encounters Aunt Eller and Laurie. Curly and Laurie have an unacknowledged love for one another however they are to nervous to admit their feelings. Curly suggests that he would like to take Laurie to the box social that night, but his impudent manner leads her to turn him down.

Meanwhile Will Parker has just returned from Kansas City. He along with other cowboys tell stories of the modern city to the on-looking ladies. Will is in love with Ado Annie Carnes, who herself is involved with a travelling salesman.

Curly is upset to discover that Laurie has asked Jud Fry, a menacing field hand, to the box social. To see what the fuss is over, Curly makes a trip over to Jud's smoke house. Laurie is now uncertain, she wishes she had not asked Jud Fry and had asked Curly instead.

At the box social, the men bid on hampers and claim the girl who made the hamper. When it comes to Laurie's hamper, Jud and Curly both fight over bids. Jud runs off with Laurie, who then fires him and breaks down. When Curly comes to her rescue, they admit their love for each other. Three weeks later, they are married. Jud appears at the reception, Curly fights him and Jud falls on his own knife. Curly is pronounced not guilty by the judge and Laurie and Curly live happily ever after.


Director Fran Bosly-Craft
Musical Director Les Smith
Chorus Master David Priddle
Choregrapher Michelle Heine
Production Manager John Alsford
Stage Manager Mark Truebridge
Set Design Fran Bosly-Craft, Chris Boyldew
Costume Design Jennifer Hird, Judith Duffy
Lighting Design Annie Alsford, Mark Truebridge, Nicole Rebikoff


Curly Harold Blake
Laurie Sue Lake-Harris
Aunt Eller Barbara Denham-O'Brien
Ado Annie Jenni Mersiades
Will Parker Philip Marlan
Ali Hakim Ian Davenport
Jud Fry Richard Bosly-Craft
Gertie Janelle Gai Morgan
Andrew Carnes Geoff Thomas
Male Chorus John Alsford, Tony Ainsworth, Damien Beard, Chris Boyldew, Conrad Burden, Berin Denham, Michael Hall, Simon Stone, Angelo Tsakalos
Female Chorus Shirley Barrett, Katie Battese, Anne Beard, Gemma Beard, Katrina Blight, Eileen Boyldew, Siobh'an Boyldew, Patricia Campbel, Christine Cullen, Melissa Georgiou, Michelle Huber, Loueze Jansses, Fiona Le Mesurier, Leith Manley, Melissa Moore, Carole Osmotherly, Barbara Penton, Tiffany Rudd, Tonia Wallen, Lauren Williams
Dream Sequence Angelo Tsakalos (Curly), Fiona Le Mesurier (Laurey), Natalie Antione, Deborah Beck, Erica Bowron, Paula Ellicott, Sharene Griffin, Sandie Grugen, Phillippa Higgs, Sirina Pongsupath, Debbie Smith


Conductor Les Smith
Violins Anthony Dunnecliffe, Chris Fifield, Chris Eade
Viola Jetse Kalma
Cello Olga Howell
Flute Ruth Dillon
Clarinet Tony Rowlands
Bassoon Janette Humphrey
Trumpet Andrew Terracini
Bass Peter MacDonald
Piano Judith Everall
Percussion Barry Pigram