No, No Nanette!

No, No Nanette!

By Otto Harbach and Frank Mandel
By arrangement with Tams-Witmark Music Library

Season 22-31 October 1992
Venue Belconnen Theatre


The story is set in the 1920s and centres around a wealthy, middle-aged publisher of Bibles, Jimmy Smith. Although he is married to Sue, he spend lavishly on other ladies in various parts of the country. Though his long-distance flirtations are quite innocent and his only wish is to make people happy with his money, the ensuing difficulties cause him to call for the help of his old friend and solicitor, Billy Early. Billy also has an eye for the girls, but his wife, Lucille is not so sure of a carefree existence.

Nanette, niece to Sue and Jimmy, is in love with Tom, Lucille's nephew. Her quest to have a little fun annoys Tom and in a lovers' tiff, Nanette rebels. When the entire company arrange to get away from each other, they all end up in Jimmy's seaside cottage. Then Jimmy's three ladies turn up. The girls seize the opportunity to blackmail Jimmy and Billy ends up taking the blame, breaking Lucille's heart. Tom and Nanette make up and agree to get married. The truth is eventually revealed and the whole gang have a simply smashing party.


Director Pamela McManus
Assistant Director John Alsford
Musical Director - Orchestral Jenni Mersiades
Musical Director - Vocal David Priddle
Choreographer Susan Innis
Production Manager Kelda McManus
Stage Manager John Alsford
Set Design Pam McManus, John Ashford, Kelda McManus
Costume Design Pam McManus
Lighting Design John Kelly, Kate Tricks
Sound Design Caroline Bizzel


Nanette Erica Cunneen
Tom Scott Stone
Jimmy Ian Davenport
Billy Tarquin Ralph
Lucille Kathryn Taylor
Sue Sue Richards
Fifi Kelda McManus
Betty Tiffany Rudd
Winnie Loueze Janssen
Pauline Anne Beard
Chauffeur Damian Rutledge
Female Chorus Christine Cullen, Paula Flemming, Rosey Higgins, Susan Innis, Fiona Le Mesurier, Leith Manley
Male Chorus David Adams, Daniel Gowland, Peter Moran, Jon Naugton, Richard Niven, Peter Nolan


Conductor David Priddle
Piano Jenni Mersiades
Keyboard Malini Devadas
Violin Tim Chaston, Heather Shelley
Drums/Percussion Barry Pigram
Flute Kylie Groom
Clarinet Tony Rowlands
Trombone Alistair Clarke
Trumpet Richard Hansen