Oh What a Lovely War!

Oh What a Lovely War!

By arrangement with Dominie Pty Ltd

Season April-May 1998
Venue Belconnen Theatre


In 1914 when the Army came to town they wanted just one thing - YOU! By 1918, millions of new recruits had left their homes and families and never returned. Eighty years later, a battalion of actors and musicians tell their story.

From within a custom-made big top, a cast of colourful characters swap hats, helmets and sides to give a vibrant and touching account of the four years that shaped the twentieth Century Gothic.

Featuring the songs Keep the Home Fires Burning, It's a Long Way to Tipperary and Goodbye-ee.


Commander in Chief Barbara Denham
Band Master Paul Belsham
Drill Sergeant Belynda Buck
Regimental Sergeant Major Andrew Thomson
Assistant Regimental Sergeant Major Diana Antanaitis
Quartermaster Melissa Lee
Charge of the Light Brigade David Cannell
Munitions Effects Toby Stow
Camping Clerk Berin Denham
Search Light Eun Bowen
Hand Stores Pam and George Reed
Rifle Sergeant John Cooke
Drill Phil Perman
Training Sergeant Nola Russell
Manoeuvers Jonathan Miller
Regimental “Historian” Thea Van Os
Regimental Artist Ian Croker
Regimental Photographers Patrick Gallagher and David Chatwick
Foot Sloggers Leanne Crammond, Dereck Crook, Rhys Holden, Mark Rodenbach and Monica Uil


Rik Allen
Anne Beard
Lyn Benn
Katrina Blight
Andrea Davis
Frank Farrell
Michelle Klemke
Margaret Franks
Sue Lake-Harris
Bill Lord
Robert Macaulay
Derryth Nash
Katy Newmarch
Richard Niven
Peter Rodda
Judy Satrapa
Barbara Sekuless
Jeffery Sim
Garrick Smith
Amy Sydney
Libby Warren
Jeremy Witchalls


Peter MacDonald
Ron Tito
Jenni Mersiades


Canberra Area Theatre AwardsNominations

Best Director of a Musical Barbara Denham