Jest at the West

Jest at the West

By Judith Prior

Season 1-18 December 1993
Venue West Canberra Football Club


The Silver Slipper Saloon is in financial trouble on account of the drought. Maggie and the girls have tried to diversify, but there ain't much they can do to stimulate new business, well what they already do is pretty stimulatin' I guess!

Sam the Barman and Wild Bill have tried their best to help but nothing seems to be able to rescue the town until this strange lookin' city fellah named Cecil gets off the stage . . . Little White Dove and Father O'Malley are sure that things will turn out O.K.

But Maggie thinks Cecil has come to take over the saloon for the bank. Maggie's overdraft with the Wild Westpac Bank has been long overdrawn and even the flapjack flippin' competition hasn't raised enough money to clear the debt.

How these characters pull together to save the town is a rootin' tootin' ton of fun.


Director Pamela McManus
Musical Director Leisa Keen
Production Manager Les Menezes
Stage Manager Tasha Menezes
Costume Design Janine O'Dwyer with Aimee Close, Alicia Jacobs
Set Design Chris Boyldew, John Kelly, Kelda McManus
Lighting and Sound Design Mark Hawes, Stuart Jones


Maggie May Fran Bosly-Craft
Sam Richard Niven
Mary Lou Kelda McManus
Sue Ellen Tiffany Rudd
Saloon Girl Melissa Georgiou
Wild Bill Garry Ridgway
Annie Deborah Woodyard
White Dove Anne Beard
Gambler/Father Damian Rutledge
Sheriff Peter Benisch
Father O'Malley Graham Bauerle
Johnny Simon Stone
Cecil Conrad Burden