It was that way when I got here

It was that way when I got here

Season 8-11 May 2008
Venue Theatre 3


It’s okay to be fat, lazy and drunk, isn’t it?

If you are a Brother at the once prestigious St Flavian’s college for young gentlemen, there is little else to do. Written in a burst of creative energy, this hilarious and light-hearted musical charts the rise of the “Worst Run School in Christendom” and the lives of its dysfunctional inhabitants.

Brother Don is no ordinary Brother. He is an alcoholic history master who has spent the last eighteen years hiding in the monastery from a past that is about to catch up with him.

Plant fancying Headmaster, Brother Ferris has problems of his own. His job is on the line and the Government is threatening to slash his funding. The school’s survival rests on the shoulders of its sometimes talented rugby team and the staging of a new play penned by Ferris’ trouser-chasing assistant, Francha Hollenbrackenhoffa.

The scheming and manipulative deputy, Barnaby Tolfree, smelling a ‘shot’ at the top job has set himself the task of ensuring that the school continues its downward slide into hell. He not only reinstates an old school rule in an attempt to sideline the football team, but also orders the reluctant and inebriated Brother Don to direct Francha’s epic tale.

For Deano, by far the oldest student at St. Flavian’s, changes in the hierarchy could jeopardize his rather extensive and lucrative business interests. He convinces Brother Don to re-write the play and for the first time at Flavians, cast real girls from neighbouring St Brigitte’s.

In desperation, Don teams up with attractive foreign languages mistress Miss Juliet Givings. They soon find themselves struggling to control the newfound feelings they have for each other and the raging hormones of the Flavian’s rugby team who have mysteriously arrived for auditions.

Happiness is not always that hard to find …


Co-writer/Director Jonathan Flack
Co-writer/Director Andrew Hackwill
Choreographer Lisa Buckley
Production Manager Liz Methorst
Conductor Ian McLean
Costumes Christine Pawlicki
Lighting/Sound Design Chris Neal
Lighting Operator John Cooper
Spotlights Thomas Steele
Sound Operator Simon Ellero
Stage Manager Myles Leon
Assistant Stage Manager Alana Teasdale
Props Jasmine Cooke
Set Design and Construction Brian Sudding


Br. Don Richard Phillips
Juliet Lainie Hart
Br. Ferris Kevin Crowe
Francha Jane Kellett
Tolfree Michael Heming
Deano Dan wells
Brian David Spence
Shirley Tim Dal Cortivo
Fully Dim Ristevski
Antonio Toby Francis
Colette Alyce Nesbitt
Consuela Anne Timperley
Colleen/TS Lady/Female Ensemble Michelle Klemke
TS Lady/Female Ensemble Gaby Schmid
TS Lady/Female Ensemble Kellie Hart
School Girl/Female Ensemble Alicia Da Costa
School Girl/Female Ensemble Kathleen McCoy
School Girl/Female Ensemble Kerrie Brown
School Girl/Female Ensemble Peita Chappell
Br. Mary/School Boy Richard Block
Br. Ishmael/Male Ensemble Charles Blackney
Br. Gracelands/Male Ensemble Donald Harvey
Sister Elton John/Male Ensemble Mark Woods