Irish at heart

Irish at Heart

By Helen Wyngard

Season July 1998
Venue Belconnen Theatre


After many years in Australia, Jack Devlin dies and his eldest son, Dermot, takes him home to Ireland for burial, but this does not please all the family members back in the old country.

After so long away, Dermot is incredulous at the events which occur after he arrives but what eventually transpires shows that he is still 'Irish at Heart'.

A marvellous mixture of heart-warming and rib-tickling moments, this cleverly written play will give amusement even to those without a drop of Irish blood (or Irish whisky) in their veins.


Director Roy Scamp
Production Manager Kathy Thomas
Stage Manager Bob Morris
Set Design Roy Scamp
Costume Design Renee Denham
Sound Design John McFarlane
Assistant Stage Manager & Props Nick Leon
Set Construction Roy Scamp, Nick Leon, Rodwell Faulkner
Lighting Ben Wright, Geoff Smith
Crew Tempe Archer, Karen Comans, Rodwell Faulkner, Santo Giulano, Michael McDonnell, Anita Davenport
Accompanist Susan Davenport
Whistle Player Colum McPhilemy


Dermot Devlin Peter Benisch
Bridie Devlin Janine O'Dwyer
Mick Devlin Paul Miller
Leo Devlin John Beard
Tom Devlin Andrew Clucas
Mary Devlin Anna-Maria Forster
Cathy Devlin Emma Blake
Maureen Devlin Julie McKay
Matty Milligan Pam McManus
Red Milligan Jeffrey Sim
Seamus Mark Robertson
Church Cleaner (Maggie) Eileen Boyldew
Landlady (Shauna) Lyn Drummond
Extras Tempe Archer, Karen Comans, Rodwell Faulkner, Santo Giuliano, Michael McDonnell