How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

How to succeed

Season 11-26 May 2012
Venue ANU Arts Centre

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying is one of the funniest and most loved musicals of all time. Based on the book of the same name, it is currently in its third revival on Broadway with the mega star Daniel Radcliffe playing the lead role.

The original production ran for 1,417 shows and won seven Tony awards, the New York Drama Critics Circle award and the 1962 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. In 1967 it was also made into a film starring many of the original stage actors.

The book, written by Shepherd Mead, was a best seller but it took the team of Cy Feuer and Earnest Martin (who had great success with the adaptation of Guys and Dolls) to first bring the show to life on stage in 1961.

Taking inspiration from the creative genius that fathered this hilarious show. The local production of How To Succeed will be embracing some of the latest technology available to give audiences a theatrical experience like none they have ever had before!


Director Richard Block
Musical Director Alex O'Sullivan
Choreographer Miriam Rizvi
Director's Mentors Graham Bauerle, Kelda McManus
Production Manager Michelle Cooper
Stage Manager David Tricks
Backstage Crew Mick Andrews, Kat Brand, Trent Davies, Jackie McLoughlin, Patrick McLoughlin, Simon Rutledge, Simon Tolhurst, Emily Witt
Set Co-Design and Construction Steve Gallinec, Anita Davenport, Darren Cullerne
Lighting Design/Operator Amy Chilver
Audio Design/Operator Pete Ricardo, Tom White, James McPherson
Radio Microphone Technicians Nick Brightman, Alex Rogers
Accent coach Adam Salter
Costume design and construction Miriam Miley-Read
Publicity team Pam McManus, Amy Moon, Gaby Schmid
Props manager Jennie Norberry
Poster Design Gaby Schmid
Program Design and Construction 2B Advertising and Design
Photography Michael Moore
Video Promotion Dallas Bland
Mobile Website Design Richard Block, Michael Cashion
Front of House Managers Sophie Stanton, Joanna Bencke


J. Pierpont Finch Adrian Flor       
       Rosemary Vanessa de Jager
Bud Frump Zack Drury
Smitty Hannah Wood
Mr Biggley Wayne Shepherd
Hedy La Rue Michelle Norris
Mr Twimble David Cannell
Mr Bratt Adam Salter
Miss Jones Diane Hesse
Miss Krumholtz Leanne Olsen
Mr Womper Michael Moore
Mr Gatch/Mr Ovington Peter Rodda
  Voice of the Book Scott Rutar
Davis James Court
Jenkins Gavan Mackenzie
Peterson Matthew Short
Mathews Lachlan Whan
Tackaberry Peter Karmel














Scott Rutar

Pit singers

Charlie Blackney
Cody Christopher
Bella Duke
Will Huang
Michelle Klemke
Veronica Milroy
Maximilian Mullamphy
Zanele Ramsey
Olivia Swift


Flute/Piccolo Bernadette Evans
Flute/Piccolo Eliza Shepard
Clarinet Tiffany Lick
Bassoon Jordan London
Alto Sax Kat Alchin
Tenor Sax Hannah Richardson
Barritone Sax Elizabeth Collier
Trumpet Kate Walker
Trumpet Claire Leske
Trumpet Thomas Bunnett
French Horn Hannah Murray
Trombone Simon Hukin
Trombone Dallas Proctor
Drums Shane Spellman
Bass Eric Dallas
Keyboard John Yoon


New York window washer J. Pierpont Finch believes he can be a success in business with just his wits and his trusty self-help book How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. The book promises its reader that he can climb the corporate ladder simply and quickly by following its straight-forward instructions.

Choosing the World Wide Wicket Corporation to begin his journey to the top, Finch quickly secures his first job. Here he meets secretary Rosemary Pilkington. As their romance blossoms, Rosemary fears the corporate world will eat Finch alive.

Taking advice from his faithful book, Finch enjoys a quick and riotous climb up the corporate ladder. But the journey to the executive washroom isn't without obstacles. Finch's chief rival Bud Frump, the nephew of the president of the company, is threatened by Finch’s ambition. With the support of the other nervous executives, Bud plots Finch's downfall.

A hilarious adventure ensues as Finch navigates his way through the pitfalls and challenges of corporate America in a decidedly dysfunctional work place, full of colourful and comic characters.

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