High Fidelity High Fidelity

Season 6-21 February 2015
Venue ANU Arts Centre


Rob Gordon is a Brooklyn record shop owner in his thirties obsessed with making top five lists for everything, always observing rather than participating in life. When his girlfriend Laura leaves him, he goes through a painful re-evaluation of his life and lost loves (with a little help from his music) and he slowly learns that he has to grow up and let go of his self-centered view of the world before he can find real happiness.

High Fidelity is a show about the love of music, and the importance it has in our lives, whether we realise it or not. The literary heritage of the show gives it a strong, compelling narrative, and fully realised and fleshed out characters. High Fidelity features contemporary music written by Tom Kitt, who wrote Next to Normal, a Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winning musical.


Directors Nathan Patrech and Sarah Hull
Musical director Jenny Tabur
Band Leader Sean Ladlow
Choreographer Jordan Kelly
Assistant Choreographer/Dance Captain Rachel Thornton
Production Manager Richard Block
Stage Manager Gaby Schmid
Set design and construction Anita Davenport, Steve Galinec
Costume Design Jennie Norberry
Costume Assistance Fiona Leach, Suzan Cooper, Lucy Jones, Vicki Purcell, Kelda McManus, Judy Satrapa
Props Annette Sharpe and Judy Keogh
Lighting design Andrew Snell
Sound design and operation Pete Barton
Radio mic technician Nick Brightman
Production designer Kelda McManus
Publicity Amy Moon, Devil Moon Events and Communication
Crew Michelle Klemke, Katherine Ianno, Ash Dodds, Phoebe Edwards, Daniel Tedeschi, Sarah Pritchard, David Tricks, John Cain
Repetiteur Raelene Farrell
Photography David Burke (OrangeDrummaBoy), Peter Stiles (Apple Snaps Photography), Amy Dunham
Program design Claire Atteia


Rob Zach Raffan
Laura Josie Dunham
Dick Will Huang
Barry Max Gambale
Liz Amy Dunham
Ian David Cannell
Marie Miriam Miley-Read
Alison Nina Wood
Penny Rachel Thornton
Charlie Laura Howieson
Sarah Silvana Moro
Jackie Ashleigh Bennett
TMPMITW Tim Stiles
Pale young men Jeremy Broom
  Alexander Gorring
  Anthony Simeonovic
Anna Emily Ridge
Neil Young Rodwell Faulkner


Guitar Sean Ladlow
Guitar James McPherson
Bass Paul Hogie
Keyboards Hannah Richardson
Keyboards Hannah Bragg
Reeds Kirsten Nilsson
Trumpet Alex Ross and Cameron Smith
Drums Jenna Hinton