Return to the Forbidden Planet

Return to the Forbidden Planet

By Bob Carlton
By arrangement with Warner/Chapel Music

Season 20 October-4 November 2000
Venue Belconnen Theatre


Shakespeare has been the inspiration for many a musical. The rock and roll masterpiece Return To The Forbidden Planet is based on The Tempest. It raids and ransacks the bards work with such abandon that the plot often strays into many of his other famous creations, including Macbeth, Richard III, The Taming of The Shrew and Romeo and Juliet. The Olivier Award winning musical is a rare treat for anyone who is familiar with his work to catch so much of Shakespeare all rolled into one fun packed evening. The musical features The Tempest as a futuristic adventure Shakespeare's as a cosmic hit. It includes such hit songs as Good Vibrations, Sheik, Rattle and Roll, Get Out Into Space, Gloria, The Young Ones, Young Girl, Pretty Woman, All Shook Up, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood and Great Balls of Fire.


Director Janine O'Dwyer
Assistant Director Kelda McManus
Musical Director Steve Herczeg
Vocal Director Kylie Higgins
Choreographer Belynda Buck
Production Manager Nola Russell
Stage Manager Jo Mullins
Set Design Jon Benn, Kelda McManus
Costume Design Sharyn O'Brien
Lighting Design Chris Neal
Sound Design Chris Neal, Steve Herczeg, Jarrett Prosser


Captain Tempest Rodney Beaver
Dr Prospero Pat Gallagher
Miranda Melissa Franks
The Science Officer Kelda McManus
Cookie Matt Kelly
Ariel Luke Barron
Bosun Peter Rodda
Navigation Officer Kylie Higgins
Newsreader George Huitker
Mona Moonbeam Linda Smillie
Constance Stargaze Liz Ingram
Suzi Starr Pieta Chappell
Andy Starr Jordan Kelly
Zoran Gallactica Janis Blums
Espodius Spod Steve Herczeg


Ricky-Floyd Moonbender (Keyboard) Ewan Harwood
Styx (Drums) Ron Tito
The Brass Bandit (Bass/Keyboard) Eric Dallas
Timatronic (Lead Guitar) Tim Hall
Rory Borealis (Lead Guitar) Bill Kolentsis
Sammi Saturn (Rhythm Guitar) Rodwell Faulkner
Lucy Luna-Speck (Double Bass/Keyboard) Hilary Robinson
Alpha (Saxophone) Kirsten Holgate
Beta (Trombone) Felicity Boxall
Gamma (Trumpet) Cathy Pollard
Delta (Saxophone) Bronwyn Arneson


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Best Musical