The Fantasticks

The Fantasticks

By arrangement with Dominie Pty Ltd

Season May 2006
Venue Belconnen Theatre


Based upon Edmond Rostand's 1894 play Les Romanesques. Two fathers decide that they want their children to fall in love. The girl, Luisa, is a daydreamer with an active imagination. The boy, Matt, is a romantic. The two fathers decide to instigate a mock feud amongst themselves in order to help the boy and girl fall in love. They figure that this feud will give them the excuse to say no to the relationship, which of course will simply encourage the children's love even more. The fathers go as far as to hire El Gallo to stage a mock abduction of Luisa, in which Matt can become a hero and save her. After this act, Luisa and Matt fall deeply in love. Soon though, the children realize their parents staged the feud and their love fades away. After both experience a little life experience on their own and are hurt by it, they reunite once again with much less drama.


Director Chris Boyldew
Assistant Director Rob Macaulay
Musical Director Graham Magarry
Choreographer Deb Smith
Production Manager Eileen Boyldew
Stage Manager Myles Leon
Assistant Stage Manager Deb Smith
Set Design Chris Boyldew
Costume Design Liz Topperwien
Sound/Lighting Design Henk ten Brummelaar
Set Construction Co-ordinator Paul Tremble
Props Co-ordinator Nick Leon
Lighting Operators Justin Watson, Andrew Topperwein, Ian Bennett
Rehearsal Prompt Nola Russell
Make Up Kate Tremble
Front of House Cheryl Morse


The Narrator (El Gallo) Peter Smith
The Girl (Luisa) Kat Brand
The Boy (Matt) Michael Heming
The Girl's Father (Bellomy) Graham Bauerle
The Boy's Father (Hucklebee) Stephen Hines
The Actor (Henry) Bart Black
The Man Who Dies (Mortimer) Dim Ristevski
The Mute Jenny Maclean


Piano Graham Magarry