Eurobeat, Almost Eurovision

Eurobeat, Almost Eurovision

Season 24 August-8 September 2007
Venue Street Two


Eurobeat, Almost Eurovision is a glorious tribute to the Eurovision song contest, involving plenty of audience participation.

Just think mini Eurovision Song Contest, but set in sunny safe secure Sarajevo. Competitors from 12 Countries compete with one another. The audience adopts one of 12 countries. It doesnít matter if you were born in Canberra or if your parents are from Trieste, tonight youíre from Liechtenstein!

After the twelve songs, the audience votes for their favourite country and there could be a different winner every night. All voting is genuine so bring lots of your friends and cousins. Not that we want to encourage vote stacking.

Warning: Some competitors will do anything to get your vote!

After interval (while the votes are being tallied) marvel at the glorious half time Bosnian spectacular, featuring Bronya singing Iím Sarajevo, taste me (described by one reviewer as a masterpiece).

We cross to Athens, Budapest, Paris, London and the other countries for the voting results. Huge voting screen descends and we tally the scores. 25 minutes later we have a winner! The crowd cheers, waves their flags (you can bring your own or buy one at the venue) as the victors take to the stage to sing the winning number once again.


Director Gordon Nicholson
Assistant Director N/A
Musical Director Sean Ladlow
Choreographer Emma Tattam
Production Manager Pam McManus
Production Assistant Nola Russell
Stage Manager Myles Leon
Assistant Stage Manager TBA
Set Co-Ordinator Brian Sudding (Sudzsets)
Costume Design Christine Pawlicki
Sound/Lighting Design Chris Neal (Eclipse)
Lighting Operator John Cooper
Publicity Pam McManus
Program/Poster Design Kate Gosnell (Designanytime)
Sound Operator Simon Ellero
Costume Assistants Aaljte Stuart, Maria Skorupa, Christine Pawlicki
Make Up/ Hair Christine Pawlicki
Props Emma Tattam
Flag Co-ordinator Gaby Schmid


Vesuiva Versace (Italy) Erika Tolano
Herbert Gonemyer Jnr (Germany) Kevin Crowe
Gert Grollmersdetter (Iceland) Jessica Taylor
Rayne and Sheinerhattie Windsor Rayne and Stevie Sheiner (UK) Toni Maxfield, Michael Hemming
Toomas Jerker and The Stone Hard Boys (Estonia) Tim Sekuless, Daniel Aquero & James Harley
Persephone (Greece) Jessica Taylor
KGBoyz (Russia) Tim Sekuless, Michael Hemming James Harley & Daniel Aquero
The Molnar Sisters (Hungary) Toni Maxfield, Erika Tolano, Amy Dunham, Alyce Nesbitt
Ronan Corr (Ireland) James Harley
Estelle Lacroix (France) Janelle McMenamin
Nepotism (Liechtenstein) TBA
Avla - Sven', Elcie', Olaf, Lars', and Ana' Hansell (Sweden) Lara Jurkiewicz, Amy Dunham, Tim Sekuless, Michael Hemming
Bronya and Sergei (hosts) Michelle Klemke; Max Gambale
Ensemble Kathryn Jones, Margie Roser, Jane Faulder


Canberra Area Theatre AwardsReceived

Best Variety Performance by an Individual or Ensemble Tim Sekuless for his roles in Estonia, Russia and Sweden.
Best Variety Show  

Canberra Area Theatre AwardNominations

Best Variety Performance by an Individual or Ensemble Max Gambale and Michelle Klemke as Sergei and Boyka