A Double Act


Directed by Dim Ristevski

In his directorial debut, Dim tackles a hilarious farce called Albert. Audiences will be in stiches as three characters try to communicate in three different languages.


A one act play by Richard Harris - When three strangers come together, none of whom speak each other’s language, chaos reigns. Two of the three characters speak only their native tongue, Italian and Finnish, but what we hear is straightforward English. Occasionally they attempt a few words in an alien tongue but this serves only to hurtle them faster towards an unexpected resolution of the challenges of the European Union.


Nico   Dennis Bittisnich
Albert   Martin Searles
Karin   Bozana Krsteska

Fairytale Ending

Written and Directed by Jonathan Garland

Jonathan is directing Fairytale Ending, a show that he also penned. Winner of the New Playwrights’ Encouragement Award at the 2005 Canberra Festival of One Act Plays.


Five young people are spending three days on an island in search of a rare spider. But each also has a more personal motive. When a group of young adults, all with issues of romance and relationships to sort out, are forced into such close proximity, there are bound to be fireworks. Is it going to end happily ever after for any of them?


Libby   Sarah Purdue
Jenny   Jodi McAlister
Josh   Adrian Flor
David   Alex Rouse
Michael   Reid Workman


Libby   Libby is in her early twenties. She is a scientist by profession and an environmentalist by inclination. She finds comfort in the certainty of systems, scientific or social. She just doesn’t understand how to deal with people.
Jenny   Jenny is in her early twenties. From a deeply religious family, she has a tendency to let guilt, obligation and other people dictate her choices. She has a way with people and is usually fairly perceptive. With her wedding imminent, she's worried that she and Josh have started arguing so frequently.
Josh   Josh is in his early twenties. A fairly typical bloke, he had a history of parties and girls but Jenny has settled him down a lot. Wedding preparations are driving him crazy, as is the attitude he's been getting from his mate Michael.
David   David is in his mid-twenties. He's a former soldier and is introspective, quietly capable and slow to anger. While he is a capable woodsman, his social skills are poor and he has difficulty relating to people. He shares journalism classes with Jenny.
Michael   Michael is in his early twenties. He is the stereotypical guy after one thing and is loud, self-centred and shallow. There is no filter between what he thinks and what he says. He has very little actual knowledge of anything, but offers advice on everything.