Cinderella and The Aristocats

Disney Kids

Cinderella and The Aristocats

Season 8-17 July 2010
Venue Tim Murray Theatre, Canberra Grammar School


Directors Cornelia Carson - Cinderella
Ylaria Rogers - The Aristocats
Musical Directors Cornelia Carson - Cinderella
Graham Magarry - The Aristocats
Choreographers Alison Noble - Cinderella
Cameron Boxall - The Aristocats
Production Managers Richard Block - Cinderella
Melita Caulfield - The Aristocats
Costume Design Christine Pawlicki
Costume Assistant Felicity Paul
Stage Manager Bob Morris
Assistant Stage Manager Chris Donohue
Set Design Simon and Imogen Wall
Lighting Designer John Cooper
Sound Design and Operation Bevan Noble
Props Manager Ann Milligan and Liza Milligan
Props Sourcing Jennie Norberry and Nick Leon
Publicity Gaby Schmid and Pam McManus
Front of House Coordinator Amanda Dykes



The beautiful young girl Cinderella spends long days with her stepmother and stepsisters in a cottage in a small kingdom (The Tale of Cinderella). Stepmother, Anastasia and Drizella are cold, cruel and jealous and treat Cinderella like a servant in her own home. One day, the town criers invite all the young ladies of the kingdom to attend a Royal Ball and meet Prince Charming. When Cinderella humbly inquires about the ball, her stepsisters laugh, but Stepmother agrees to let her go – if she finishes her long list of chores (A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes). After Anastasia and Drizella dump all their laundry at her feet, Cinderella’s mice friends – including Perla, Jaq, Luke and Gus – try to distract her from her chores (A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes Reprise). The mice lament Cinderella’s situation (The Work Song) then scurry to stitch together a ball gown from her stepsisters’ castoffs (The Work Song Reprise). They surprise Cinderella with the dress, but Anastasia and Drizella promptly tear it to shreds. All hope seems to be gone until Fairy Godmother pays Cinderella a visit and uses a magic spell to transform household items and Cinderella’s furry friends into an elegant entourage (Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo), which promptly heads to the palace (To the Ball). At the Royal Ball, the Prince is unenthusiastic about the ladies the King presents to him – until Cinderella enters the room. The pair dances until midnight, when Cinderella rushes out and leaves behind a glass slipper. With only this slipper to guide him, the Grand Duke scours the kingdom until he finds a perfect fit on Cinderella’s foot and invites her back to the castle to be the new Princess (Cinderella/Dream Finale, Biddidi-Bobbidi-Bows).


Cinderella Maddison Lymn
Anastasia Emma Wilson
Drizella Jade Boyle
Step Mother Maddison Furner
Fairy Godmother Ellen Scott
Prince Johnathan Ashcroft
Duke/Ensemble Cody Denham
King/Ensemble Chris Magarry
Gus Cameron Taylor
Jacqui Kaitlin Nihill
Perla Edith Meli
Lucy Jamie Denham
Narrator/Ensemble Breanna Peisley
Narrator/Ensemble Georgina Davidson
Town Crier/Ensemble Daniel Steer
Town Crier/ Ensemble Henry Paul
Town Crier/Cinderella’s Father/Ensemble Maximilian Mullamphy
Herald/Ensemble Alistair Lauro
Magic dancer/Ensemble Dorothy Kocsi
Magic dancer/Ensemble Nicole Taylor
Ensemble Bethany Kirkham
Ensemble Elizabeth Jackson
Ensemble Renee Boyle
Ensemble Sarah Connor
Ensemble Chelsey Ashcroft
Mouse Emily Mullamphy
Mouse Jessica Storey
Mouse Kali Notaras
Mouse Kiara Cengic
Mouse Madeleine Carden
Bird/Ensemble Bridgette Mullamphy
Bird /Young Anastasia Charlotte Shaw
Bird/Ensemble Chloe Storey
Bird /Young Cinderella Eliza Niven
Bird/Ensemble Jessica Manclark
Bird /Young Drizella Paras Notaras
Bird/Ensemble Samantha Barker
Bird/Ensemble Tessa Niven

The Aristocats


The Alley Cats introduce Berlioz, Marie, Toulouse and their mother Duchess – the richest cats in all of Paris (Prologue/The Aristocats). When the Aristocats’ beloved owner Madame announces that she has left them all of her money, Edgar, the family butler, becomes very jealous. While the Aristocats practice singing (Scales and Arpeggios), Edgar warms some milk. After they fall asleep, Edgar takes the Aristocats out into the country and leaves them in a ditch.

As the Aristocats wake up, lost and alone, Napoleon and his pack of Country Dogs chase Edgar away (Use Your Nose). An Alley Cat named O’Malley discovers the Aristocats (Thomas O’Malley Cat), who are surprised to find him friendly. Despite the protests of the other Alley Cats, O’Malley agrees to help the Aristocats find their way home to Madame. Napoleon and the Dogs find the Cats and chase them. When Marie falls into the river O’Malley dives in to save her, only to be saved himself by a pair of Geese, Abigail and Amelia (The Gabble Girls). The whole gang waddles back to the city.

In Paris, O’Malley and the Alley Cats show the Aristocats the benefits of their freewheeling life (Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat). Duchess invites O’Malley to come home with her, but he decides to stay in the alley. Surprised to find them home, Edgar traps the Aristocats and prepares to ship them to Timbuktu (The Cat Wash). Roquefort the Mouse runs off to get help from O’Malley (Roquefort to the Rescue/Somebody Is Looking for a Cat). The Dogs and Geese join the Alley Cats to save the Aristocats and ship Edgar away (The Butler Did It!/Finale). Madame celebrates the return of her precious Aristocats and agrees to take in all their friends as her treasured pets (Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat – Bows).


Duchess, Aristocat Ruby Schofield
Toulouse, Aristocat Henry Paul
Marie, Aristocat Georgia Croker
Berlioz, Aristocat Daniel Steer
Thomas O’Malley, Alley Cat Nathan Fernandez
Scat Cat, Alley Cat Chris Magarry
Wacky Cat, Alley Cat Nicole Taylor
Alley Cat Kaitlyn Campbell
Alley Cat Madelyn Campbell
Alley Cat Caitlin Schilg
Madame, Cat Owner Dorothy Kocsi
Edgar, The Butler Tim Magarry
Roquefort, Mouse Shelby Frame
Napoleon, Dog Kobi Cumberland
Dog D’arcy Schofield
Dog April Stephenson
Dog Daisy O’Malley
Dog Grace O’Malley
Abigail Gabble, Goose Zoe Priest
Amelia Gabble, Goose Jessica Gowing

Photographs of The Aristocats can be viewed online using the Klixus website.


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