Dirty Work in High Places

Dirty Work in High Places

By Tim Kelly
By arrangement with Dominie Pty Ltd

Season 19-23 February 1991
Venue Belconnen Theatre


Dirty Work in High Places, by Tim Kelly is a modern melodrama set in a sea side town. The story revolves around some dear old folk about to lose their 'humble beach cottages' to the dastardly entrepreneur, Gentle Grimmes. Grimmes is the villain and is opposed by the hero, Dauntless Crusader. Grimmes and Dauntless also vie for the affections of the heroine, Sweet Saccharine, who is 'too good to be true' and helps in the campaign to save the cottages. There are, of course, many other noble and/or dubious characters who complete the story.


Director Graham Bauerle
Stage Manager Stephen Crossley
Assistant Stage Manager Amy Sawers
Set Design Stephen Crossley, Philip Russell, Michael Thomas, Kelda McManus, Shelly French, Kate Tricks, John Alsford, Anne Beard, Janine O'Dwyer
Costume Design Judith Duffy
Lighting and Sound Design Annie Alsford, Nicole Rebikoff, Mark Truebridge


Grandpa John Alsford
Grandma Pamela Kelly
Baby Bob Steve Thatcher
Baby Alice Kate Tricks
Gentle Grimmes Jim Jones
Widow Desparate Kelda McManus
Widow Aged Pamela McManus
Saccharine Deborah Woodyard
Ms Shabby Anne Beard
Ms Yesperson Lisa Incher
Dauntless Crusader Philip Russell
Trickster Michael Thomas
Rotten Shelly French
Sly Janine O'Dwyer
Lord Stockholder Damien Thomas
Student No 1 Siobh'an Boyldew
Student No 2 Shane Harman
Student No 3 Karen Morgan
Madam Presidente Karen Moore
Police Person Graham Bauerle
Fisherman Amy Sawers
Fisherwoman Wendy Hill