Canberra Festival of One Act Plays
The Devil, The Writer and The Angry Ghost


Ellis has severe writer’s block .Having killed off Lord Upstanding on the first page of his book he misguidedly appeals for help. The Devil duly obliges and conjures up the dead man's ghost. Angrily the ghost demands answers regarding his unexpected demise and Ellis, threatened with public exposure of his unprofessional ineptness, seeks to provide them. His investigations however deteriorate cumulatively as the ghost's fictional, but all too real household regard Ellis as the killer. His fate is sealed when the Devil materializes as a police inspector. But there is yet a final twist in the tale.


Director Nick Leon
Stage Manager Paul Tremble


Darren Cullerne
John Maddock
Glynnis Moran
Sahra Tremble
Caroline Hogan
Jack Spahir