Confusions: 5 Interlinked, 1 Act Plays

Confusions: 5 Interlinked, 1 Act Plays

By Alan Ayckbourn
By arrangement with Dominie Pty Ltd

Season 21-31 August 1991
Venue Belconnen Theatre


Confusions, five interlinked one act plays, had its Scarborough premiere in September (it did not reach the Apollo Theatre, London, until May 1976). Each of the five plays deals riotously, but with sharply pointed undertones, with human eccentricities and the human dilemma of loneliness; a mother unable to escape from baby talk, a disastrous fete, an unsuccessful seduction attempt, a fate-fraught dinner encounter - the final play sums up with five self immolated characters on park benches.


Director (Mother Figure) Michael Thomas
Directors (Drinking Companions) John Stabler and Pam McManus
Director (Between Mouthfuls) John Alsford
Director (Gosforth's Fete) Eileen Boyldew
Director (Talk in the Park) Janine O'Dwyer
Production Managers Roger Nicholls and Kelda McManus
Stage Manager Stephen Crossley
Assistant Stage Manager Deborah Woodyard
Set Design Kelda McManus and Philip Russell
Costume Design Judith Duffy
Lighting Design Roger Nicholls and Stephen Crossley
Sound Design Malcolm Tompkins and Stuart Diener


Mother Figure

Lucy Kelda McManus
Rosemary Shara Popple
Terry Mark Drury
Harry Peter Benisch

Drinking Companions

Harry Peter Benisch
Paula Siobh'an Boyldew
Bernice Shelly French
Waiter Richard Niven

Between Mouthfuls

Waiter Richard Niven
Mr Pearce Mick Bower
Mrs Pearce Pam Kelly
Martin Simon Clarke
Polly Kate Tricks

Gosforth's Fete

Milly Jenni Mersiades
Mrs Pearce Pam Kelly
Gosforth Michael McCarthy
Stewart Philip Russell
Vicar Chris Boyldew

A Talk in the Park

Arthur Mick Bower
Beryl Anne Beard
Charles Peter Benisch
Doreen Kate Tricks
Ernest Simon Clarke