By arrangement with Dominie Pty Ltd

Season 17-26 January 1997
Venue Belconnen Theatre


Director John Alsford
Musical Director Jenni Mersiades
Choreographer Natalie Antoine
Production Manager Kathy Thomas
Stage Manager Peter Harding
Assistant Stage Manager Natalie Long
Set Design James Stone
Costume Design Renee Denham, Robyn Priddle
Lighting Design John Kelly, Berin Denham


Cinderella Melissa Roberts
Prince Charming Phil Pain
Baron Hangover Michael Thomas
Baroness Hangover Kirsten Burch
Buttons Andrew Clucas
Hortense Jeffrey Sim
Ermyntrude Rob Macaulay
Fairy Godmother Janine O'Dwyer
Sir Henry (The Ghost) Conrad Farrell
Sewer Rats/Footmen Drew Ridley, Toby Stow, Peter Harding
Female Chorus Emma Barlow, Anita Davenport, Susan Davenport, Rebecca Long, Alison Reardon, Belle Sewell
Male Chorus Luke Barron, Bryn Honeyman, Justin McEvoy, Virgilio Soriano


Canberra Area Theatre AwardsReceived

Magic Moment
the appearance of the ghost
John Alsford, James Stone, Conrad Farrell

Canberra Area Theatre AwardsNominations

Best Supporting Actress in a Musical Janine O'Dwyer
Best Set James Stone
Best Costumes Renee Denham


It was the moment the story had been leading up to. Buttons (Andrew Clucas) had just finished letting the Ugly Sisters try on the glass slipper and announced that as there were no more ladies in the house, that they would now leave. A young boy in the front row was so involved with the story that he stood up, ran on stage, stood in front of Buttons and said "What about Cinderella?" - John Alsford