Charlotte's Web Some Musical

Charlotte's Web Some Musical

Adapted by Joseph Robinette
Music and lyrics by Charles Strouse
By arrangement with Dominie Pty Ltd
Based on the book by E. B. White

Season 13-28 January 2006
Venue Theatre 3


Fern Arable, a young girl who loves animals, rescues the runt of a litter of pigs from her father's axe. She names the pig Wilbur and cares for him until he is big enough to be raised at the farm of her uncle, Homer Zuckerman.

There, Wilbur meets a gossipy goose, a gloomy sheep, and a grouchy rat named Templeton. Wilbur is homesick and lonely for Fern until he finds a new friend, a spider named Charlotte, who lives in the eaves above Wilbur's pen.

When Wilbur discovers that he is destined to be butchered, Charlotte devises a plan to save her friend. She spins words praising Wilbur into her web above his pen. She hopes that Mr Zuckerman will be so impressed that he will spare Wilbur and exhibit him at the fair. All the animals helped find words and Charlotte's plan is a great success: people came from all around to see the words on the web and the pig that inspired them.

Mr Zuckerman decides to enter Wilbur at the fair. Although Wilbur does not win the award for best pig, he is given a special award. Now safe from the butcher's block, Wilbur repays his friend Charlotte's tremendous efforts by ensuring that her 514 baby spiders safely hatch out after she dies.

The music includes Who Says We Can't Be Friends, an enchanting duet between Wilbur and Charlotte; Welcome to the Zuckerman Barn, featuring all the animals in a hand-clapping, toe-tapping hoe-down; Summer, a haunting, nostalgic chorus and Don't, a complaint about that frequently used adult word sung by the children, Fern and Avery.


Director John Alsford
Director's Assistant Rob Macaulay
Musical Director Susan Davenport
Choreographer Elissa Singer
Production Manager Eileen Boyldew
Assistant Production Manager Nola Russell, Kate Tremble
Stage Manager Myles Leon
Assistant Stage Manager Nick Brightman
Set Design John Alsford, Sue Theron
Costume Design Liz Topperwien
Lighting Design Justin Watson
Sound Design Michael Shilling
Set Co-ordinator Paul Tremble
Scaffolder Bob Teasdale
Make Up Janette Humphrey, Adele Haussmann, Kate Osmotherly
Props Nick Leon
Props Assistant Jo Werts
Sound Assistant Simon Ellers
Lighting Operators David Paterson, Edward Thompson, Andrew Topperwein
Crew Simon Tolhurst, Simon Fairclough, Alex Rogers, Zoe Milton, Dave Mackein, Rob Macaulay
Publicity Eileen Boyldew, David Paterson
Graphic Design Trish Boaden


Charlotte Roby Page
Wilbur Nathan Hillman
Fern Arable Kirsten Haussmann
Homer Zuckerman Graham Bauerle
Edith Zuckerman Victoria Watson
Avery Arable Toby Francis
John Arable Max Gambale
Martha Arable Kate Rafferty
Lurvy Brian Daly
Templeton Conrad Farrell
Goose Kate Tremble
Gander Lachlan Ruffy
Sheep Ylaria Rogers
Lamb Jaime Isfahani
Bat Jessica McFarland
Reporter/Owl Dim Ritevski
Ensemble Oliver Bailey, Sue Bailey, Harriet Davies, Reg Holmes, Marcus Low, Jessica McFarland, Tayla Page, Annie Paterson, Kevin Playford, Anna Rafferty, Dim Ristevski, Jenny Thomson, Sarah Thomson


Electronic Musical Sequencing Susan Davenport
Keyboard Operation and Conductor Susan Davenport



Wilbur didn't know why the farmers wanted to make him fat and tender. During a matinee where the audience was mainly children, Wilbur proclaimed his ignorance and was loudly and emphatically informed by a young boy: "You're gonna be killed!" - Susan Davenport