Thirty Minutes to Charlie

Presented at the Canberra Festival of One Act Plays
October 2008


Reid and Kline, two Public Relations men with only half an hour before a meeting with an important client, are forced to seek treatment in the emergency ward of a hospital in Las Vegas for a serious cut Reid has sustained to his head in an accident. His frustration steadily grows as the time ticks away, especially when the attending nurses are very slow and regard his problem very mediocre compared with the events of the day. [It was 9/11/2001]


Director Nick Leon
Stage Manager Chris Donohue


Reid Sean Ladlow
Kline Michael Heming
Darlene Judy Satrapa
Nurse Melita Caulfield
Blood Donors Chris Donohue and Gaby Schmid


Festival ofOne Act Plays

Best actor in a comedy Sean Ladlow
Best director of a comedy Nick Leon
Best comedy production
Sean Ladlow also won the Adjudicators Encouragement award for his role as Reid.