By Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II
By arrangement with Warner/Chappell Music

Season 28 April-13 May 1995
Venue Belconnen Theatre


The time is 1900 - the place, a small town on the coast of Maine. Billy Bigelow, handsome and proud Barker for the carousel in the local amusement park, and Julie Jordan, a lovely young girl who works in a factory, fall in love and go off together, though it costs them both their jobs. When they return, married, they face a hostile town. In the difficult months that follow, Billy is unable to get work and Julie becomes pregnant. Finally, it is June, time to get ready for the first clambake of the season. But Billy is desperate and bitter, and agrees to join his unsavoury pal, Jigger, in a robbery. The robbery goes awry and Billy, trying to escape falls on his own knife and is killed.

Fifteen years later Billy, looking down from heaven, sees that all is not well with his child, now an attractive but rejected young girl, Louise. He returns to earth for a day, makes himself visible to his daughter and gives her a star. This star, together with Billy's fatherly advice, brings Louise new joy and assurance. Billy, satisfied that he has at last done something good for his daughter, returns to heaven.


Director Fran Bosly-Craft
Musical Director - Orchestral Les Smith
Musical Director - Vocal Jenni Mersiades
Choreographer Debrah McNeill
Production Manager Paul Belsham
Stage Manager Leanne Cramond
Assistant Stage Manager Andrew Thompson
Set Design Roger Tindale
Costume Design Margaret Prideaux assisted by Eliane Prideaux
Lighting Design Andrew Kenney assisted by Chris Neill


Carrie Pipperidge Katrina Blight
Julie Jordon Alex Hughes
Mrs Mullin Claudia Oakley
Billy Bigelow Manuel Panaretos
Policeman Mick Bower
David Bascombe Ian Davenport
Nettie Fowler Joan Richards
Enoch Snow Jason Rose
Jigger Craigin Rodney Beaver
Arminy Renee Simon
Captain Gary Gledhill
Heavenly Friend Richard Bosly-Craft
Louise Bigelow Kathryn Newmarch
Carnival Boy (Ballet) Natalie Cox
Enoch Snow Jr Damien Beard
Principal Pamela McManus
Doctor Seldon Pamela Kelly
Female Chorus Ruth Alsford, Kirsten Burch, Amie Doolan, Kay George, Jackie Hudson, Juliet Lautenbach, Cathy Lynch, Anastasia Mason, Jessica Montgomery, Kerrie Oakley, Raylene Power-James, Anna Taylor
Female Graduates and Chorus Sarah Carvalho, Susan Davenport, Lisa Flynn, Sally Kite, Cecily Oakley, Clemency Oliphant, Alira Prideaux, Belinda Sewell
Male Graduates and Chorus Conrad Farrell, David Tychsen-Smith
Male Chorus Gary Collinson, Rodwell Faulkner, Thomas Manly, Peter Smith, David Woodgate
Snow Children Rhiannon Box, Marsha Daw, Clem Daw, Carmen D'Costa, Tristan Flynn, Hali Kyrgios, Sophie White
Angels Gemma Beard, Anita Davenport, Susan Davenport, Alira Prideaux


Conductor Les Smith
Violins Anthony Duncliff (Leader), Greg Toomey, Chris Eade
Viola Mandy Souter
Cello Olga Howell
Flute Ruth Dillon
Oboe Kirsten Jakobsen
Clarinet Tony Rowlands
Horn Iain Hercus
Trumpet Andrew Terracini
Trombone Martin Schaefer
Piano Judith Everall