Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane

By Sammy Fain
By arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd

Season May 1997
Venue Belconnen Theatre


In 1876, Henry Miller, proprietor of the Golden Garter Saloon in Deadwood City, is eagerly looking forward to having actress Frances Fryer star in his show. However, when Frances arrives, 'she' is discovered to be a 'he'! The citizens of deadwood are ready to lynch Miller for duping them until Calamity promises to bring Adelaide Adams, a celebrated Vaudeville star, from Chicago. Wild Bill Hickock challenges her ability to get the star to perform in Deadwood and this makes Calamity all the more determined to do so.

In the star's dressing room at the Bijou theatre, Calamity mistakes Adelaide's maid, Katie Brown - a stage struck girl - for the star herself and 'persuades' her to return to Deadwood.

The crowd in the Golden Garter is angry when Katie's deception is discovered but once again Calamity saves the day. Katie is given another chance and this time she performs with an ability of which the crowd thoroughly approves.

Romantic complications develop when both Wild Bill Hickock and Lieutenant Danny Gilmartin succumb to Katie's charms, especially as Calamity fancies herself in love with Danny. On discovering Katie in Danny's arms, she runs the girl out of town at gun point.

However, all is sorted out and Calamity, Katie and Susan, Henry Miller's niece, all find a happy ending as the wedding bells ring out.


Director Chris Boyldew
Musical Director Lauren Mercovich
Choreographer Natalie Antoine
Production Manager Eileen Boyldew
Stage Manager Peter Harding
Assistant Stage Manager Natalie Long
Crew Mark Wilson, Nathan Patrech, Jack Holden, Beverley Rogers and John Wilson
Set Design Jerry Satrapa
Set Construction Philip Russell and Gerry Satrapa
Lighting Design Annie O'Connor
Lighting Assistants Samantha Jarrett, Matthew Robertson and Amy Munk
Wardrobe Judy Satrapa and Sue Lake Harris
Prompt Nola Russell
Graphic Design Peter Enzerick


Calamity Jane Erica Bowron
Wild Bill Hickock Peter Smith
Danny Gilmartin Damien Hall
Katie Brown Judy Satrapa
Henry Miller Tim Kilby
Susan Carrie Brown
Francis Fryer David Gilkes
Adelaide Adams Kristen Burch
Doc Pearce John Bennett
Josephine Barbara Sekuless
Rattlesnake "Mad" Mick Bower
Hank Andrew Clucas
Pete Luke Barron
Colonel Peter Harding
Female Chorus Shirley Barrett, Sonja Charles, Anita Davenport, Emma Enzerink, Rebecca Henry, Pam Kelly, Kelda McManus, Pam McManus, Megan Shaw
Male Chorus Bryn Clapp, Paul De Wolfe, Peter Enzerink, Rodwell Faulkner, Rhys Holden, Johnno Quinn, David Tychsen-Smith
Golden Garter Can-Can Girls Renee Denham, Emma Enzerink, Eileen Proctor, Beke Pyne


Piano Lauren Mercovich
Bass Guitar Peter McDonald
Drums/Percussion Barry Pigram
Keyboard Jenny Kingwell


Canberra Area Theatre AwardsNominations

Best Actress in a Musical Erica Bowron
Best Supporting Actress in a Musical Judy Satrapa
Special Award for Achievement for taking
over the main role at such short notice
Erica Bowron

At the media call, Sue Lake-Harris, Calamity Jane, injured herself and was unable to continue in the role. Erica Bowron stepped up to take over the role for the duration of the performance period.