Bye Bye Birdie

Bye Bye Birdie

By Charles Strouse and Lee Adams
by arrangement with Warner/Chappell Music

Season 16 May-1 June 2002
Venue Belconnen Theatre


It's the late 1950s and teenagers from across the United States are going crazy for the handsome rock star, Conrad Birdie. Meanwhile Albert Peterson, his manager, is going into debt and has staked his financial future on Conrad's success. Albert's secretary, Rosie, is increasingly frustrated with the time and money Albert is losing on his project. Disaster strikes when Conrad receives a draft notice to join the military. Thus, Albert attempts to stage a farewell party for Conrad in which he is to kiss one lucky fan on the Ed Sullivan Show before he leaves for the army. Kim MacAfee from Sweet Apple, Ohio, is the lucky girl chosen to be kissed. But conflict arises when her boyfriend, Hugo Peabody, gets jealous and Rosie becomes fed-up with the abusive treatment she receives from Albert's mother. Eventually, things turn out OK. Kim and Hugo resolve their problems and Albert agrees to leave managing, become an English teacher and marry Rosie.


Director Peter Brady
Musical Director Graham Magarry
Choreographer Jordan Kelly, with Rebecca Camilleri
Stage Manager Amanda Graupner
Assistant Stage Manager Adam
Production Manager Ken Stubbs
Set Design Deborah Mundair
Costume Design Shelly Harris
Lighting/Sound Design Chris Neal, Justin Watson
Dance Captain Rebecca Camilleri
Props Nick Leon
Set Construction Ken Stubbs, Bob Morris, Peter Brady
Graphic Design Claire Wilson
Crew Mattthew Butters, Helena Mills, Ken Stubbs
Wardrobe Assistants Bindi Kelly, Jeda Kelly, Tamika Moniga, Fran Lyndon-Gee


Rosie Alvarez Sue Lake-Harris
Albert Peterson Jamie Swan
Kim Macafee Tamryn Liddell
Hugo Peabody Dillon Malloch
Mae Peterson Pam McManus
Conrad Birdie Craig Francis
Harry Macafee Graham Bauerle
Doris Macafee Linda Francis
Randolph Macafee Toby Francis
Mayor Gary Gledhill
Ursula Merkle/Understudy Rosie Susan Davenport
Deborah Sue Kaitlin Klusewitz
Gloria Rasputin Tina Smith
Mrs Merkle Melita Aguis
Mayor's Wife Michelle Paganella
Maude/Reporter/Bodyguard Bob Morris
Harvey Johnson/Reporter George Poulakis
Policeman/Bodyguard Dominic McKenna
Sad Girl Anna Johnstone
Conrad's Teen Trio Renay Hart, Millicent Kruger, Laura Wise
Male Quartet Gary Gledhill, Dylan Malloch, Dominic McKenna, George Poulakis
Chorus Melita Aguis, Katherine Brand, Kirsten Brooks, Chermere Brown, Sarah Burns, Laura Christie, Gary Geldhill, Renay Hart, Anna Johnstone, Taryn Klusewitz, Millicent Kruger, Hali Kyrgios, Dominic McKenna, Stephanie McKenna, Bob Morris, Michelle Paganella, George Poulakis, Gaby Schmid, Tina Smith, Laura Wise, Natalie Woods