Bugsy Malone

Bugsy Malone

Libretto by Alan Parker
Words and Music by Paul Williams
By arrangement with Warner/Chappell Music

Season 15-31 January 1998
Venue Belconnen Theatre


Bugsy Malone is set in the days of the lethal, rival gangs, wholesale slayings with splurge guns, molls, bathtub gin and floor shows in low down dives. Reminiscent of all the old gangster movies, the audience is transported back to the days of Edward G. Robinson, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and the pencilled eye browed femme fatales of the era. It has suitable musical numbers providing scope for singing, dancing and the use of costume. It does not demand great singing, inspired acting, or elaborate dance routines. A great sense of humour, of send-up and of letting the youngsters get away with murder is however, absolutely mandatory.


Director John Alsford
Assistant Directors Jeffery Sim, Robyn Rhodes, Leith Manley
Musical Director Lauren Mercovich
Choreographer Renee Denham
Production Manager Kathy Thomas
Stage Manager Myles Leon
Assistant Stage Manager Euan Bowen
Costume Design Margaret Prideaux
Set Designer Gerry Satrapa
Lighting Design Graham Hencock
Props Nick Leon
Props Assistant Nell Kyrgios
Costume Co-ordinator Sahra Prosser
Wardrobe Assistants Joy Newton, Lisa Sforcina, Sue Ewin, Sue Murphy, Robin Priddle
Lighting Assistant Toby Stow
Set Construction Myles Leon, Rebecca Smith, Naomi Hume, Stuart Hume, Andrew Clucas, Eun Bowen, Gerry Satrapa, Leith Manley, Adam Scott, Callum McNicol, John Alsford, Conrad Farrell


Bugsy Malone Rhys Holden
Dandy Dan Jordon Prosser
Fat Sam Ricardo Scaff
Blousy Brown Katie Methorst
Tallulah/Trio singer Alira Prideaux
Louella/Chorus Elisha Richards
Fat Sam's Gang
Knuckles Lincoln Daw
Ritzy/Undertaker/Down Out/Boxer Stuart Newton
Snake eyes/Undertaker/Ventriloquist's Dummy
/Down Out/Boxer/Sound Man/Restaurant Patron
Michael Rosalky
Shakedown Louie/Speakeasy Patron/Down Out/Boxer Tomek Juszczyk
Angelo/Foreign Reporter/Speakeasy Patron/Seymour
Scoop/Down Out/Boxer
Christopher Macphillamy
Dandy's Gang
Bronx Charlie Mathew Carnell
Shoulders Andrew Methorst
Yonkers/Radio Announcer Ross Newton
Doodles/Oscar De Velt/Boxer/Babyface Clem Daw
Laughing Boy/Paper Boy/Ventriloquist Lindsay Smith
Benny Lee/Marbini the Magician David Tan
Everybody Else
Fizzy Farran Daw
Cagey/Joe/Popbecker/Joe the Barman/
English Reporter
Tom Murphy
Captain Smolosky/Waiter/Restaurant Patron Julian Kennard
Sergeant O'Leary/Undertaker/Foreign Reporter Paul Skelton
Leroy/Restaurant Patron Lawrence Pahley
Roxy Robinson/Looney/Speakeasy Patron/Butler/
Boxer/Down Out/Fizzy's Other Half
Rohan Sforcina
Razzamatazz/Joe the Pianist Jenny Kingwell
Lena Marelli/Miss Marguerite/Waitress Helen Slaney
Trio Singer/Miss Cindy/Restaurant Patron/
Ballerina/Chinese Laundry Worker/Miss
Kyria Laird
Miss Bangles/Chinese Laundry Worker Mia Donald
Miss Dottie Anna Johnstone
Miss Velma/Chinese Laundry Worker/Policeman Keely Soulsby
Miss Loretta/Restaurant Patron/Baseball Guard Tegan Boundy
Miss Tillie/Barber/Shady Sarah Mclaren
Miss Giselle/Restaurant Patron/Viking
Auditionee/Baseball Guard
Lyndell Ewin
Miss Isobel/Chinese Laundry Worker/Flash
Frankie/Baseball Guard
Jessica Cooke
Pickett/Miss Louisa Halimah Kyrgios
Miss Lily/Chinese Laundry Worker/
Baseball Guard
Meagan Kanaley


Conductor Lauren Mercovich
Piano Jenny Kingwell
1st Clarinet Robyn Elliot
Bassoon Robert Clayton
Trumpet Cathy Pollard
Trombone Julia Reed
Bass Guitar Peter MacDonald
Electric Guitar Carl Samson
Drums Dave Pateman
2nd Clarinet/Alto Saxophone Kirsten Holgate


Canberra Area Theatre AwardsNominations

Best Costumes Margaret Prideaux