Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Book by Larry L. King and Peter Masterson
Music and Lyrics by Carol Hall
Amateur production by special arrangement with Dominie Pty Ltd.

Season 12-27 November 2010
Venue "Q" - Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre, 253 Crawford Street, Queanbeyan


Director Kelda McManus
Musical Director Wyana Etherington
Choreographer Nikole Sklavos
Production Manager Jennie Norberry
Stage Manager John Cooper
Costume Design Christine Pawlicki
Props Manager Jessica Cooke
Props Assistant Tristan Cross
Set Design Simon Wall and Imogen Wall
Set Construction Scott Quilty


Miss Mona Megan Baran
Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd Jon Garland
Melvin P Thorpe Dave Smith
Jewel Liz de Totth
Doatsey Mae Aleisha Stevens
Governor Pat Gallagher
Senator Wingwoah Peter Rodda
Angel Jacinta Le
Shy Erin Gough
Ensemble Dennis Bittisnich
  Richard Block
  Kerrie Brown
  David Cannell
  Anita Davenport
  Beth Deer
  Alex de Totth
  Rodwell Faulkner
  Rebecca Franks
  Steve Galinec
  Sarah Golding
  Allison Haese
  Andrew Haese
  Kirsten Haussmann
  Will Huang
  Pierce Jackson
  Jordan Kelly
  Mariella Knaus
  Dorothy Kocsi
  Dahlia Kruyer
  Hannah McFadden
  Susan Miller
  Michelle Norris
  Pete Ricardo
  Lachlan Ruffy
  Jodie Sims
  John Skelton
  Greg Sollis
  Collette Spoor


Keyboards Alex O'Sullivan
Violin Vanessa Baker
Lead guitar James McPherson
Rhythm guitar David Macedo
Drums Mark Levers
Bass Daniel Brokenborough


The show opens with a brief history of the Chicken Ranch, “the nicest little Whorehouse you ever saw” (Prologue/20 Fans) located just outside the fictional town of Gilbert, Texas. The Chicken Ranch got its name during the Depression when it was hard to come up with three dollars, so the girls started accepting poultry in trade. As the story begins it is the late 1970s and two new girls, Angel and Shy, have arrived looking for work. Miss Mona, the proprietor of the Chicken Ranch and a former prostitute herself, allows the girls to stay after laying out the rules (A lil’ ole bitty pissant country place) and giving the girls a makeover (Girl you’re a woman).

Meanwhile, crusading television reporter Melvin P. Thorpe (based on real-life Houston news personality Marvin Zindler) has set his sights on the Chicken Ranch. Thorpe proclaims to his audience the surprising revelation that Texas has a whorehouse in it. He declares that this evil must be brought to an end and calls on the local sheriff, Ed Earl Dodd, to shut the Chicken Ranch down. Sherriff Dodd, an old friend of Miss Mona's, pays her a visit and informs her of Thorpe’s efforts to shut down her establishment, but Miss Mona laughs it off. There have been moral crusaders before, but the Chicken Ranch has always survived.

Sheriff Dodd is uneasy, which proves to be well founded when he finds Melvin P. Thorpe setting up his cameras on the main street of Gilbert in preparation for continuing his attack on the little brothel. The Sheriff forces him to pack up his cameras and move out, giving Thorpe an earful as well, using language that is less than polite. He has unwittingly played into Thorpe’s hands with the Sherriff's performance caught on camera and almost immediately aired to Thorpe’s decidedly conservative TV audience. In spite of this, Ed Earl is unrepentant and swears he would do the same thing if "that sawed-off little shit" came around again.

Life goes on at the Chicken Ranch with preparations for a rush of business. An employee of the Chicken Ranch, Jewel, heads out for a night on the town (Twenty-four hours of lovin’). The Thanksgiving Day football match between Texas Aggie and Texas U is coming up, the prize for the winning team is an evening at the Chicken Ranch. The Aggie Boys win the match (Angelette march) and they head out to the Chicken Ranch (The Aggie Song) counting down the miles until they get to heaven "where history and Aggie Boys get made". Their evening doesn’t go to plan when Thorpe and his camera crews break into the Chicken Ranch and start taking pictures.

Although the Governor of Texas is a master of The Side Step, he can't silence the moral majority that Thorpe has galvanized into action, and soon has to admit that the legendary Texas brothel must be shut down. When the call comes from the governor, it is Ed Earl who must deliver the news to Miss Mona (Good old girl). The girls begin packing their suitcases and moving on (Hard candy Christmas). Miss Mona reminiscences about her life before she gathers up her belongings and leaves the Chicken Ranch to start her new life.

Photographs of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas can be viewed online using the Klixus website.

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