By Sue Townsend
By arrangement with Dominie Pty Ltd

Season April 1992
Venue Belconnen Theatre


Director John Alsford
Production Manager John Kelly
Stage Manager Kerri Ward
Set Design Philip Russell
Lighting Design Ian Stewart, Kate Tricks
Sound Design Carolyn Bissell


Usherette Alana Scott-Palframan
Keith Peter Benisch
Quentin Philip Russell
Lee Tim Constantine
Helena Janine O'Dwyer
Joan Judith Everall
Bobbie Janine O'Dwyer
Merrill John Beard
Aamanda Kelda McManus
Charles David Adams
Reginald Damien Rutledge
Eileen Pam Kelly
Wendy Shelly French
Bobbie Pam McManus


It was opening night and everything was just fine. At least that was how Phoenix had left it. When John arrived, he discovered that other people using the performance space had taken the chairs from the Phoenix's set of a tiered theatre audience. A frantic complete re-construction of the set followed. - John Kelly