Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland

By arrangement with Dominie Pty Ltd

Season 12-27 January 1996
Venue Belconnen Theatre


Alice is in her sitting room and is surprised by the appearance of a White Rabbit, who is very concerned because he is running late. He drops a piece of paper and as Alice reaches out to get it, she falls through a mirror into a fantastical forest.

A strange quartet of creatures is singing and dancing. A Mock Turtle and Caterpillar confuse Alice, and she seeks help from Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee. They direct her to the Duchess' Garden. Alice here encounters a grinning Cheshire Cat, a strange Duchess and an alarming cook with a baby which turns into a pig. By now Alice desperately wants to return home, but first she must endure a most peculiar tea-party.

Some cards are painting roses in the Queen's Croquet Field, when the Queen of Hearts appears and insists Alice play croquet with her. The Queen, angry when Alice wins, decides she must lose her head. The King of Hearts persuades the Queen that Alice should be put on trial. In the Courtroom, a very unusual trial proceeds and Alice narrowly escapes losing her head by swallowing some pieces of mushroom, which make her suddenly return to her sitting room again. Alice decides it was all a dream ... but the White Rabbit knows better!


Director John Alsford
Musical Director Judith Everall
Choreographer Jenni Mersiades
Production Manager Eileen Boyldew
Stage Manager Nathan Patrech
Set Design James Stone
Costume Design Margaret Staines with Den Wilkie
Lighting Design Chris Neal and Jason Dean


Alice Sue Hilhorst
White Rabbit David Cannell
Duck/Tweedle-Dee Leith Manley
Dodo/King of Hearts Roy Scamp
Gryphon Tom Robinson
Mock Turtle Michael Thomas
Caterpillar Andrew Clucas
Tweedle-Dum Renee Simon
Cook Anna Battesse
Duchess Emma Wood
Mad Hatter Berin Denham
March Hare Jeffrey Sim
Dormouse Chris Boyldew
Cheshire Cat Janine O'Dwyer
Queen of Hearts Kelda McManus
Five of Clubs Conrad Farrell
Nine of Clubs Luciana Todd
Two of Clubs Rebecca Long
Three of Clubs Susan Davenport


Canberra Area Theatre AwardsReceived

Best Set James Stone
Best Costumes Margaret Staines

Canberra Area Theatre AwardsNominations

Best Supporting Actor in a Musical Andrew Clucas
Best Supporting Actress in a Musical Janine O'Dwyer