Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Based on the book by Lewis Carroll
Adapted by Belynda Anyos
By special arrangement with Dominie Pty Ltd

Season 13-22 July, 2006
Venue Belconnen Theatre


Child Play’s 2006 theatre training program presents Lewis Carroll’s nineteenth century classic “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. The play features all the well know characters from the book and includes music, songs, puppets and 34 talented performers and crew aged between 8 and 15 years old.

Alice follows a white rabbit down his rabbit hole and finds herself in a wonderful land full of strange and crazy creatures… In Wonderland anything can happen! During her many adventures on the stage, Alice shrinks to three inches tall and grows to the size of a house. She swims in a pool of tears, runs a caucus race, talks with a Cheshire cat, drinks tea with a Mad Hatter, plays croquet with the Queen of Hearts, dances with the Mock Turtle and the Gryphon, plus much, much more!

“I don’t want to go among mad people,” said Alice.

“Oh, you can’t help that, we’re all mad here!” the Cheshire Cat grinned.


Director Belinda Anyos
Assistant Director Brandon Girvan
Stage Manager/Sound Ryan d’Argeavel
Production Assistant Rosemary Synnott & Kathy Thomas
Costume Design/Makeup Design Rosemary Synnott



Cheshire Cat Sarah Thomson Stage Manager
Alice Chelsea Needham Stage Manager
White Rabbit Nyasha Nyakuengama Assistant Stage Manager
King Max Bittisnich Assistant Stage Manager
Queen Ali Van Der Zwan Props Manager
Dormouse Shaelyn Dwyer Props Assistant
Mouse Justine Ramsay Special Effects
Bill/Spade 2 Claire Bailey Special Effects
Gryphon Jacqui Coleman Front of House
Cook Tabitha Schollum Front of House
Dodo/Executioner Liam Jennings Set
Mock Turtle/Alice's Sister Hannah Coleman Set
Frof Footman/ Spade 7 Alice Bittisnich Make-Up
Pat/Waiter Amy Hadland Make-Up
Lory/Fish Footman Joel Ramsay Sound
March Hare Tayla Page Sound
Caterpillar/Knave Nicky Anyos Lighting
Owl/Spade 5 Eve Millington Lighting


Dodo/King Liam Wilson Stage Manager
Queen Madison Sloan Stage Manager
Frog Footman/Spade 7 Freya Pilcher Assistant Stage Manager
Cheshire Cat Sarah Bilton-Simek Assistant Stage Manager
Alice Mikaela Sloan Props Manager
Lory Yvie Hawkins Props Assistant
Fish Footman/Spade 5 Kaitlin Mountford Special Effects
Pat/Alice's Sister Cassandra Cullen Special Effects
Mouse Lachlan Bryant Front of House
Hare Alex March Front of House
Caterpillar/Knave Connor Jennings Set
Mad Hatter/Mock Turtle Oliver Baileys Set
Cook Irena Reedy Make-up
Dormouse/Spade 2 Georgia Sloan Make-up
Owl/Waiter Emma Castles Sound
White Rabbit Benjamin Hardy Sound
Bill/Executioner Jacob Schyvens Lighting
Gryphon Veronica Introvigne Lighting


Canberra Area Theatre AwardNominations

Best Actress in Any Role in a School or Youth Play Chelsea Needham
Best Actress in any role in a school or youth play Justine Ramsay
Best Actress in any role in a school or youth play Ali Van Der Zwan
Best Actor in Any Role in a School or Youth Play Brandon Girvan
Best Actor in Any Role in a School or Youth Play Nyasha Nyakuengama
Best Production of a School or Youth Play  
Best Original Work Belinda Anyos
Best Costume Designer (Musical) Lyndelle Ramsay