Secret Diary of Adrian Mole

Secret Diary of Adrian Mole

By Sue Townsend
By arrangement with Dominie Pty Ltd

Season April 1992
Venue Belconnen Theatre


In his diary, adolescent Adrian records the triumphs and tragedies of everyday life with unconsciously wry humour. Episodes from the diary, peopled with characters from Adrian's school, home and neighbourhood, are brought to life in a very funny play.

Adrian is dogged by disaster - his mother runs off with the man next door and his father seeks comfort with a woman of doubtful reputation. Even his inner triumphs are tinged with disappointment. Bert Baxter, to whom he is assigned as a 'Good Samaritan' is not a nice old age pensioner and the delectable Pandora, once she is his, has no intention of being a submissive and adoring helpmate.

Yet in the end, as Georgie and Paulie, Bert and Queenie and others affirm, life can be worthwhile, if we want it to be, and Adrian will keep on writing poetry, however atrocious the results.


Director John Alsford
Assistant Director Anne Beard
Musical Director Jenni Mersiades
Production Manager Eileen Boyldew
Stage Manager Janine O'Dwyer
Set Design John Alsford, Philip Russell
Costume Design Nola Myles
Lighting Design Nicole Rebikoff, Annie Alsford, Mark Truebridge
Sound Design David Priddle, Chris Boyldew


Adrian Mole Tim Constantine
Pauline Mole Claudia Oakley
George Mole David Priddle
Mr Lucas Peter Benisch
Mrs Lucas Kate Tricks
Grandma Judith Everall
Nigel/Barry Kent Duncan Thomsan
Pandora Kim Scorpecci
Kids in Disco/Schoolkids Leith Manley, Ryan Clarke, Siobh'an Boyldew, Adam Skelton, Jane Riches
Bert Baxter Jim Jones
Doreen Slater Helen Butt
Electricity Official John Alsford
Mr Scruton Peter Benisch
Matron Anne Beard
Queenie Eileen Boyldew


Piano Jenni Mersiades
Keyboard Peter McDonald / Malini Devadas
Drums Barry Pigram